A Day to Remember


On this day 11 years ago America was attacked by terrorists. What a horrific day for our nation that was. My oldest child is 13 at this time and my youngest is 6. So, my 13 year old does not remember that day and my youngest wasn’t even alive yet. I spoke to all my children today and told them about that day. Some of them remember things that they have been taught in the past concerning that terrible day of death and destruction. Many people today will and should make it a point to teach others about how terrible terrorism is. Men died that day to take away lives and instill fear in our hearts. We should pray this day for those that lost their loved ones by those evil men. It is a day to remember. However, there is a greater day to remember. Over 2000 years ago Jesus Christ died on the cross of Calvary not to take away people’s lives but to save lives. Jesus did not die in order to kill but to make alive. When Jesus rose again the third day He conquered the greatest enemy of all…death. There are many people that are dying still today and the only thing that can give them life is to know about the day that Christ died for sinners and believe upon Him. Remember…to tell people about the day Jesus died for sinners that they might have victory over their fear of death and have hope, peace and life.