All Our Living


I’m looking and thinking about what Jesus said in Luke 21 about a poor widow that cast into the treasury. She had put in less than anyone but Jesus said, “This poor widow hath cast in more than they all.” He tells us in the next verse why this is. He said that the others had given from their abundance but she had given “all the living that she had.” She didn’t have much but she gave ALL! It seems to me that Jesus made judgment about who gave more not by how much they gave but rather by how much they had left. We may not be able to give 100% of our checkbook to the work of God. But…how about all our living? None of us know how long we are going to live, some may live a long time, some a very short time. What will matter in the end is not how long we lived but how much of our living was given to God. Is Jesus getting all the living that we have? Is our life completely surrendered unto Him? I’m thankful that Jesus gave His all for me. May I give my all for Him.