An Eye for Mercy


Psalm 136 is very unique. Why? Because all 26 verses end with the phrase; “for  His mercy endureth for ever.” I read this for many years wondering why it is like this. One day I thought that I would read the chapter without reading the phrase at the end. What you will find is that the Psalmist is reflecting back on the great works of God in creation and all the great things He had done for the nation of Israel. He would declare something that God had done and say, “For His mercy endureth for ever.” What finally occured to me was that the Psalmist was able to see the mercy of God in everything. This is much different than the way we are sometimes able to see things. Oftentimes we see that God didn’t do this or that and somehow we think we got cheated. How great it is when we can think about something that God has done, and in our meditation of that, we can see how great and good God has been, and we say, “For His mercy endureth forever.” Remember…no matter what happens, God is being ever so merciful to us. Do you have an eye for mercy and can see how good God has been? Or, do you have an eye that pities yourself and can only see how much God has not done for you? God’s mercy is everywhere. Can you see it? I can.