Are You Ready?


The Word of God teaches us that some of God’s people will be ashamed at the coming of Jesus. If we could learn to gauge our actions and thoughts by the reality of the coming of Christ then we would walk much differently. I must ask myself these questions…Is there anything in my life that I’m doing that would make me bow my head in shame if Jesus would come right now? Am I harboring bitterness, anger or pride in my heart? What if Jesus came while I was watching T.V. or surfing on the internet? Would I be ashamed? What if Jesus came on the Lord’s Day? Will He find us worshipping Him in His house or living after the pleasures of this life? What if He came on any given Saturday night? Could Jesus ever come while I’m witnessing, praying or reading the Word? Is that even a possibility? Jesus has promised…”Behold, I come quickly.” What if He comes back today? Will I be ashamed? Am I ready? Are you ready?