The number one problem in all relationships is communication. When spouses don’t communicate with one another things will get messy and confusing. They will not know where one another is at physically, emotionally and spiritually. They will be inconsistent with their children because they have not discussed how to deal with certain issues. Married couples must learn to communicate. They need time alone with each other to talk about what is going on in their life and family. A lack of communication can cause a number of problems in the work force as well. The employer has unspoken expectations and is holding the employee to a standard that the employee may be completely unaware of. The problem that many of us commit is assuming that the other party knows what we are thinking. We are not mind readers. We must learn to communicate. Communication is also one of our main problems in our walk with God. When we read the Word of God that is God talking to us. When we pray that is us talking to God. We must learn to do both. To have good communication both parties must be talking and listening. You are not going to have a good relationship with the Lord by just praying each day. Often times we want God to hear what we have to say but we don’t want to hear what He has to say to us. Is your walk with God right now all one-sided? You are talking but not listening. May we learn to listen to God in His Word and then we will be able to talk to Him in prayer much more effectually.