This morning I read Jacob’s prayer when he was going back to his country to face his brother Esau. He was afraid of Esau because Esau had pledged to kill him. Jacob has received instruction from God to go back to his country. Jacob pleads with God in prayer to protect him from his brother upon the basis that God had told him to go back. Jacob reminded the Lord that the reason he was going back was because God had told him to. When you read the whole prayer in Genesis 32 you will find that Jacob is pleading the promises of God in his prayer. As I thought about this I thought about how important it is to listen to God’s Word so that we might know His promises and know how to pray. Prayer is about us communicating with God. Communication can not be one-sided. Sometimes we want to pray and tell God what we want but we haven’t been in the Word to find out what God wants for us. For any relationship to be healthy there must be communication, both parties must be speaking and listening. In our relationship with the Lord we can’t just be speaking, we must also be listening. I have heard people say  that they talk to God all the time and that is what we should all do. But, I have asked some of those same people if they were reading the Bible and they have said that they weren’t. Sounds like they were talking to God but not listening to God. What’s your communication with God like? Is it one-sided? Let each of us listen first and then pray.