Deadly Anger

We have a very sad account in I Samuel 22:18-19 of King Saul having the priests of the Lord, their families, including their children killed and many others. What caused Saul to act with such anger and to kill innocent people? Let us seek to make a long story short for this devotions sake. Saul had been rejected from being king by God because of his disobedience and God was raising up another to take his place. This one that God was raising up to take his place was David. Saul had become very angry with David and was wanting to kill him. He takes his anger and frustrations out on the innocent in the above scripture reference because he thought that some of them were on David’s side. They were actually completely unaware of the hatred that King Saul had toward David. Here are a few things you can see about Saul that led to this outburst of anger and murder. First, he was jealous of David. David was well liked because he had slain Goliath and was a mighty man of war and he did what Saul would not do. Second, he was driven by suspicious thoughts. He thought that his men were holding back information in I Samuel 22:7 and was also suspicious of those he slain. There are many innocent people hurt because someone is supicious. Third, he felt sorry for himself. He stated that none of his men felt sorry for him (I Sam. 22:8). When one is swallowed up in self-pity they easily justify their anger. Lastly, he was insecure. He knew that God said he would not be king so he does all he can to keep himself in that position. He becomes a terrible ruler and leader! There are many homes today that are being led by angry men. Men that are taking their frustrations and anger out on their family because they are filled with envy, suspicion, self-pity and insecurity. Saul’s problem was not really with the priest’s that he killed or with David. His problem was between him and God. He knew he was rejected by God and instead of repenting and getting his heart right, he reacted in anger and murdered others.