Does Diversity Divide?

I pose this question in regard to our Nation. Our Nation is greatly divided in so many ways. We are divided on how to govern the people, on what is morally acceptable, on foreign affairs and you know I could go on with great detail. What is the problem? In I Kings we have the account of King Solomon. He took over as king after his father David. When you read of his beginning you see a man that had a heart tender for God. He wanted to build a house for God, he wanted the wisdom of God, he took care of his people and his people loved him. The people of Israel had great peace and harmony, the Lord had truly blessed Solomon and his reign. However, we find that Solomon in his old age turned from serving the True and Living God and did much to aid the worship of false gods. Because of this the Lord stirred up an adversary against him and in short this adversary would later get most of the kingdom of Israel. So long Solomon was true to the Living and True God there was peace, harmony and blessing. When false worship and false gods came into the picture then the Lord divided the people of Israel. I have heard some media and political leaders say that our nation is strong because we have great diversity in our religion. However, the truth is, that so long as we forsake the True and Living God, worship false gods, seek to take Christ out of our community and country we will be more divided. One God brings about one nation. Many gods will bring about a divided nation. We wonder why so many don’t want “One Nation under God?” I believe this is your answer. They know that America is filled with the worship of many gods and they find the “One” God an offense to them. Until Christ is the one this Nation looks to, we will continue to be divided.