Don’t Be an Ostrich Parent


(Job 39:13-30) The Lord is talking to Job and is basically telling Job that he doesn’t know why or how things happen the way they do. In this discourse God tells Job about the ostrich that leaves her eggs in the earth and warms them in the dust and informs him how the ostrich forgets that the foot can crush them. An ostrich may step on her own young and kill them before they are even hatched. God tells Job that she does this because God has deprived her of wisdom and understanding. An ostrich does this very unknowingly. She is a danger to her own young. As parents we should do all we can to protect our children. This goes from the time they are conceived in the womb until the time they leave the nest. We must be careful about the places we allow our young children to be. We cannot bury our head in the sand and pretend to be ignorant about what is really going on. We must be pro-active in seeking to raise our children in a godly environment and seeking to instill within them the Word of God. We must do this because some day they will leave the nest and they need to be prepared. After the Lord talks about the ostrich to Job, He later talks about the eagle. The Lord informs Job that the eagle makes her nest on high, she dwells upon the rock and she mounts up high and seeks out her prey. The eagle is very active in protecting her young and in training them to leave the nest. What kind of a parent are we? Are we being careless about where our children are at? Are we seeking to build their environment upon the Rock, the Lord Jesus Christ? Are we preparing them to leave the nest and to fly?