The Pharisees in the days of Jesus were constantly trying to find fault with Him. In Luke 11:54 we are taught that they laid wait for him, seeking to catch something out of His mouth so that they could accuse Him. Though there was no fault with Jesus there were times they were certain in their own minds that He was at fault. This teaches us that when people want to find a fault with you and be critical they are sure to find something. There are some people that seem like they can be critical of everything and of everybody. I read a story one time of when John Wesley was preaching. There was a well known lady there that was known for her critical attitude. After the message she came to him and complained about the strings of his tie saying that they were offensive to her. So he asked if anyone had a pair of scissors. Some scissors were found and he gave them to her and told her to cut off the strings. He then asked for the scissors back and said, “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I also gave you a bit of correction. I must tell you, madam, that your tongue is an offense to me, it’s too long! Please stick it out…I’d like to take some off.” Don’t be one of those people that can find fault and be critical about everything. Fault finding is not a spiritual gift. So, just because you may see fault with someone that is not a license to open your mouth and to point it out. On another occasion someone said to Wesley, “My talent is to speak my mind.” Wesley replied back, “That’s one talent God wouldn’t care a bit if you buried.”