Fisher of Men


Jesus Christ told his first disciples that they were to follow Him and they would be fishers of men. If we follow Jesus Christ we too will become a fisher of men. Our desire as Christians should be that others will follow Christ with us. As I think about us being fishers of men I’m reminded of the similiarities between actual fishing and fishing for men. Today, I went fishing with my youngest son Caleb. As we were leaving for the lake I felt the need to comfort him on the way there just in case we didn’t catch anything. I told him that one thing was for certain, that we couldn’t catch any fish sitting at the house. So we just needed to enjoy being out together and if we catch fish then that would be good too. This same truth applies to us being a fisher of men. If you don’t fish for men with the gospel net you are sure not to catch any sitting at the house. So, lets go out and fish for men and just enjoy our  fellowship with the Lord and by His grace He may allow us to catch someone for Him. Oh…by the way we did catch some fish. But, we began to catch some really nice ones right when we were about to give up. I’m glad we didn’t quit when we were about too. We would have really missed out!  Humm… that sounds like another application to us being a fisher of men.