When Jesus was hanging upon the cross He said, “My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me?” As the sins of God’s people were placed upon the Lord Jesus the Father turned away from the Son and was forsaken for this amazing moment of time. We cannot imagine what kind of divine miracle this was. The sun refused to shine for three hours as the Father forsook the Son. There, in total darkness the Son was experiencing the Father’s wrath as He turned away from Him. The eternal Son of God bore in those 3 hours what we would have born for all eternity if we were not saved. Often times I wonder what will be the most terrible thing in hell. I have come to believe that it will not be the fire and brimstone. It will be the mental anguish and reality that God has eternally forsaken those there. The great eternal comfort to the child of God is that they will forever be with the Lord Jesus Christ. The great eternal torture is that those in hell are banished from the presence of God forever. I’m so thankful that I know that I have believed upon Christ and know that because He was forsaken for me that I will never be forsaken of Him. He has promised me that He will never leave me or forsake me.