From Our Pastor

Not So Many Anymore

I have enjoyed for years Psalm chapter three. There is a change of mind that we can easily see happen to David. He starts off at first in this Psalm speaking to God about how many people there are against... continue reading

The Comforter that Convicts

Jesus taught in John 16 that when the Comforter comes that He would reprove or convict of sin. This means that the Holy Spirit will rebuke us and tell us of our faults. We find this conviction many times through... continue reading

The Body of Jesus

When Jesus died there was a disciple of His by the name of Joseph. Joseph came to Pilate and begged him for the body of Jesus so he could care for it. We are told that Joseph took the body... continue reading

In God’s Time

In Psalm 2 we can see a promise in verses 7-9. The Father declares to the Son that one day He would have the earth as His possession and that He would break the wicked with a rod of iron.... continue reading

Heavenly Heartburn

I know that I have had my share of heartburn in my life and I’m sure you have too. One thing for sure about heartburn is that we seek to get rid of it as soon as we get it.... continue reading

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