Heavenly Heartburn

I know that I have had my share of heartburn in my life and I’m sure you have too. One thing for sure about heartburn is that we seek to get rid of it as soon as we get it. There is however another heartburn that we don’t want to lose so quickly. After Jesus had risen again from the dead, two of his disciples were walking to Emmaus and talking about what all had happened to Jesus. Jesus drew near to them and did not reveal who He was until the end of their journey. After He left them they said to one another in Luke 24:32; “Did not our heart burn within us, while He talked with us by the way, and while He opened to us the scriptures?”  While they were walking with Jesus it says that they constrained Him saying, “Abide with us” (Luke 24:29). As Jesus walked with them, they compelled Him to continue with them when they thought He was about to leave. When the Word of God is being opened up unto you and you are experiencing the presence of Christ it will give you a heartburn that you won’t want to lose. Actually, I recommend that we stay in the scriptures until we get that heartburn and not leave them until it has been accomplished. Too many times we are tempted to take a quick run through the Word rather than a nice stroll. What sweet fellowship these two had!  Their fellowship with one another was great because Jesus was walking with them! How wonderful it is to have friends that want to get heartburn with you from being in the presence of Christ. How glorious it is to be in the scriptures and talking about them to others and feel the presence of Christ draw near and experience the burning of the heart within. Oh, how I love that heavenly heartburn! Lord, help me to seek it more and more.