What is hopesick? I’m sure that we have all been homesick at times. We have been away from family or friends and because we long to be with them and almost ache we say that we are homesick. Well, “hopesick” it a lot like homesick. Proverbs 13:12 reads: “Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.” Christians have a hope, a confidence and expecation that someday they will be with Jesus. We have a hope that one day we will have a new body that will never sin again. We have a hope of a heaven that will never see a tear, death or sorrow. We have a hope that one day righteousness will be the only thing to walk the streets. We have a hope that there will be no more destruction, no more shootings or wars. I’m waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting. But, my hope is deferred for now. Meaning that the fulfillment of it is put off for a while longer. The longer you have to wait to see your loved ones the more homesick you get. The longer that I as a child of God look for the coming of the Lord Jesus the more “hopesick” I become. Jesus Christ is coming again. Is that your hope or your terror?