In God’s Time

In Psalm 2 we can see a promise in verses 7-9. The Father declares to the Son that one day He would have the earth as His possession and that He would break the wicked with a rod of iron. In short, it’s a promise that one day Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, would reign upon this earth. The Word of God teaches in many other places that Jesus will reign upon this earth and that He will sit upon the throne of David, ruling the Nations with a rod of iron. It’s very interesting to me that when Satan sought to tempt Jesus that he showed Him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them. He then promised to give them to Him if Jesus only bowed before Satan and worshiped him (Matt 4). My point in this devotion is this…Sometimes it is God’s will for us to have something but we must wait for His timing in order to get it. We must also never seek to get it in a manner that would be displeasing to Him or would compromise our faithfulness and loyalty. Though it is the Father’s will for Christ to one day rule and reign over this earth for 1000 years (Rev. 20), it was not the Father’s will for Him to reign at that time and to obtain it by bowing before Satan. Know this, Satan is really good at seeking to tempt us to run before the Lord by going after things on our own time schedule rather than God’s. God’s timing is always the best! Wait on the Lord dear child of God. When it’s time for you to have, or to do, or to go, then He will provide that in a way that will not compromise your worship and devotion to Him. God will never have us to forsake our worship and devotion to Him in order to obtain what He wants for us.