Keep Casting


I’m still thinking about how Jesus told us to be fishers of men. There are times when I know that there just has to be some fish in a given location. When I am confident about this I will not just make one cast but will make multiple casts. Sometimes my guess is right and because I made more than one cast I got to catch a fish. As I thought about this I thought about how sometimes we may give up on people too quickly. We may say something to them just one time about Jesus and then give up. I think that we need to keep casting into those same waters and not give up on that person. Sometimes when I’m fishing I have noticed that I don’t have to change the bait but only the method. Sometimes the fish want a faster or slower approach. Sometimes they prefer the bait to come from a certain direction. Are we wanting to “catch” a certain individual? Let’s not change the bait (the gospel) but remember to keep casting the gospel unto them. Maybe we can change our approach. Preach the same message but try a different method. But, whatever you do…keep casting and don’t give up.