Knit Together


The apostle Paul speaks about his desire for Christians to be “knit together in love.” When a person knits (P.S. I don’t knit), they can take different colors of yarn and make something very beautiful out of it. They start with an idea of what they want something to look like and take all the various colors and make their masterpiece. Each color keeps it’s distinction but each color properly compliments the other. When members of the Lord’s body are loving each other like they should then they too will be united to make something very beautiful for the glory of God. The love of Christ will enable us to come together in spite of how “colorful” our personalities may be. Because, where love is…there is mercy, grace, peace, forbearance and forgiveness. The Lord is the One who is doing the knitting through His love that is working in us. As we love one another like we should then the body of Christ will be knit together to form a lovely piece that can be useful to the glory of Christ.