Know Your Fish


I continue to think about the parallels between fishing for men and fishing for fish. The Word of God says that he who wins souls is wise. Fishing takes a whole lot more mental capacity than most people would think. There is a lot to think about if you are a serious fisherman. You think about the┬áthe weather, the wind direction, the fish’s favorite food, the color of bait, the time to go, where to go, how deep to fish and etc..A fisherman must know his fish that he pursues. Likewise, we must be a student of human nature. We must consider that “fish” we are after. How can we get close to them? Maybe find out what their favorite food is and take it to them. The timing can mean a whole lot when it comes to witnessing. How deep you try to go into the Word the first time you speak to them will take some wisdom as well. Basically, a fisherman must know his fish. There is an evangelism style┬áthat casts the Word of God out there for the masses which is needed. But there is also a very personal style of evangelism that takes it’s time to get to know it’s fish. Jesus preached to the masses but He also sought out those certain individuals and called them out by name. Be wise, get to know that soul you want to reach.