Like People, Like Preacher, Like Politician

In the book of Hosea, God is telling the people of Israel about their judgment for turning away from Him and going after other gods. One of the things He tells them is that there shall be like people, like priest (Hosea 4:9). As I thought about this I considered our current state of Christianity and our Nation. I look at how many preachers there are that seem to be only concerned about making money and telling people what they want to hear. I can get upset as I hear many preach a message that is all man centered and continually proclaim what God can do for him and not what man can do for God. There are many that proclaim to be men of God and yet they will never preach against sin. I see all the masses of people who are flocking to these men and I wonder why do they gather so many listeners?  The main problem is not that there are so many false prophets. The main problem is that there are so many people that want to hear them. Paul told Timothy that in the last days people will not endure sound doctrine but after their own lusts they shall heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears (II Timothy 4:3). God is allowing these false prophets to continue because this is what the people want, it is part of their judgment. I think also about our Nation and her leaders. We can complain about our leaders all we want but we need to understand that we have the leaders we have because we deserve them and have chosen them. Our main problem is not our national leaders. Our main problem is that the heart of American is against God. Our only hope for Christianity in America and for our Nation is that the gospel of Christ would go forth in power and change hearts. The more people there are that get right with God, the less demand there will be for bad preachers and bad politicians.