Today, my oldest son turned thirteen years old. I’m so thankful for the honor of being his father. I hope and pray that he will continue growing into a fine young man. However, I know that this will not happen without myself and other godly men speaking into their life what real manhood looks like. I’m thankful for the fine examples of true manhood that surrounds him in our church. Our society today is crying out for true manhood. If you were to ask many young men today what it means to be a man I wonder what kind of answers you would get. We live in a society that is aching for men to be men. We need men who will be leaders and lovers of good things, men of honesty and self-discipline, men who aren’t ashamed to be identified with Jesus Christ, men of dedicated faithfulness unto God, family and church, men of integrity and humility. I have a few more to add to that list but I think you get the point. Young boys sometimes think they become a man when they start puberty, get their first kiss, get into their first fight, lose their virginity, get their first job, turn sixteen, etc…. Men, may God be our helper to be the men we ought to be that the generation coming up might be spared some of the heartache we see due to the lack of manhood.