Not Just Daily Bread

I know this may sound like an odd title but I pray that you hear this out and that it encourages some reflective thought. When Jesus taught His disciples how to pray (Luke 1:1-4) He taught them to pray for their daily bread. I’m sure that we have no problem remembering to pray for that. Sometimes we may fail to pray for our daily needs when we have an abundance of material wealth and forget that it all comes from the Lord. Most of the time though, we are faithful to pray for our physical needs. There are other needs in this model prayer that we are to be praying for also, the need to be forgiven, the need to forgive, the need to not be led into temptation and the need to be delivered from evil. As I consider this I think about how diligent we are to pray sometimes for our daily physical provision more than we are to pray for our daily spiritual needs. Every day we need forgiveness and every day we need to forgive. Every day we need to be led of the Lord and every day we must be delivered from evil. What if we prayed as hard for these others needs as we did for our daily bread?