Oh, To Know Jesus

Paul expressed an intense spiritual longing to know Jesus more intimately when he said, “That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto His death” (Philip. 3:10). He wanted to be close to Jesus and wanted to be like Christ more and more. How much do we want to know Jesus in a more intimate way? We may also ask ourselves for what reasons do we want to be close to Him? There are many today that like to express their desire for Jesus so that they can see His power. I’m sure that all of us as God’s children would love to see God’s power manifested more and more. However I believe God’s power is there and can be seen more clearly when we walk hand in hand with Him in a more intimate way. When we think of the power of God we often think of “big” miracles such as giving sight to the blind or parting the Red Sea. However, I believe that when we walk close to Christ as His disciples did, we can see the power of Christ manifested in things like, providing for the needy, having children drawn to Him, self-denial, speaking gracious words and speaking boldly the word of God. Oh, to be close to Jesus so that I can see His power all around me and live in the strength of His might every day! Also, in speaking about knowing Christ more, Paul spoke about the “fellowship of His sufferings.” Christ suffered much while upon this earth, so to know Him more intimately, means also to be willing to suffer with Him. You see, many Christians want to know the Jesus that gives them power, but, they are not willing to know the Jesus that gives them suffering.  Are we willing to know Jesus and be more like Him if it means to suffer? When we share suffering experiences with others it brings a connection with them that we may not have experienced otherwise. When we suffer the way that Christ suffered, likewise, there is an intimacy found with Him that could only have been found through that suffering. Are we willing to suffer like Christ, for Christ, so as to be like Christ and experience the fellowship of Christ?