Our Hammer

The Word of God is likened unto a hammer. A hammer is very useful it can be used for many purposes. We use a hammer to drive nails. The Word of God can drive precious truths deep into our our heart that will give our lives stability and strength and hold us together. Also, just as we may use a hammer to tear things down that we don’t want the Word of God can tear down the unwanted sin in our life. Indeed, it may hurt as the Holy Spirit keeps chipping away but we are always the better for having it in our heart. We will use a hammer just to move something over a little bit to get it to line up. Sometimes we just need a gentle knock to get us on the right path. A hammer could also serve as a good defense against wild animals, likewise, we need God’s Word to protect us from the wiles of the Devil. I’ve come to this conclusion….everyone needs a hammer.