Should we sound preachy? I was thinking about that and I thought…why not? Jesus preached (Matt. 4:17), He told His disciples to preach (Matt. 10:7), the Apostle Paul said: “Woe unto me if I preach not the gospel” (I Cor. 9:16) and the Word teaches us that people are saved through the preaching of the gospel (Rom. 1:15-16). Now, I understand what some people mean by saying that they don’t want to be preachy. Many are saying that they don’t want to be offensive in what they are about to say.  The truth of the matter is that when you preach the gospel of Jesus Christ it will be offensive to some. Repentance and faith in the gospel is not to be gently suggested as a good choice. Rather, it is to be preached, proclaimed with authority that the gospel must be obeyed. So, Christians, don’t be apologetic for “preaching” the gospel of Jesus Christ. Proclaim what Christ has done for you with all authority. Not with arrogance and pride, but with confidence, in the power of the gospel message and with urgency knowing that the gospel must be obeyed.