Precious Death


Precious, is usually not a word that we would ever use to describe death. God does in Psalm 116:15, where He says: “Precious in the sight of the LORD, is the death of His saints.” When we have loved ones go on before us, we don’t say that it’s “precious” to us. When something is precious to us, it is valuable. When something is precious there is no amount of money that someone could offer you in order to replace it. While losing a loved one is not precious to us, I assure you that it is precious to the Lord because those that are His children are valuable to Him. They have been purchased with the precious blood of the Son of God and now they are coming home. It’s no doubt precious also for the child of God that departs this life. The Word of God teaches that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. They finally get to see the One that paid their sin debt and gave them eternal life. Watching my father die when I was 15 was not precious, but seeing his faith and hope of being with Christ was precious. Many times his faith has comforted me and there is nothing more valuable to leave your loved ones as you depart this life than that.  When you leave this world will your family be comforted because you knew the Lord Jesus Christ and loved Him with your life? No amount of money can comfort your family like leaving a legacy of precious faith.