Setting the Drag


As you seek to lead people to Christ it takes a great deal of wisdom just as we mentioned in our last post. As I was thinking about fishing for men I thought about how important it is to have your drag set right when you go fishing. For those of you that don’t fish I will explain what your drag is. Your drag is how much pressure a fish must tug on your line before the reel lets some line out so the fish won’t snap your line. If you have your drag set right you can catch a very big fish on very light line. (Here’s my opportunity to tell a “true” fish story) The other day I caught a 17 pound catfish on 6 pound test line. Had I not set my drag right before I hooked that fish it would have broke my line in about 10 seconds. It took be about 20 minutes to get that fish in. I would finally get it in and it would go right back out, eventually I overcame and got that fish in, but it took a lot of patience and could not be rushed. I think there is a spiritual lesson for us in this when it comes to soul winning. You must learn to be patient with people. If you put too much pressure on them when you are around them you may break that line of communication. There were times when I was getting that big catfish that I thought I was losing him because he would take off and get further away from me. But, my line was still attatched to him. Learn to set your drag. Just enough pressure to lead them to Christ but don’t try to pull them in too quickly, you may break the line of communicaiton. Proverbs says, “He that winneth souls is wise.” Lord give us wisdom as we seek your sheep. Work in their hearts and help us not to be impatient and give up hope.