Smoke in the Nose


A couple of nights this past week we were able to enjoy a couple of campfires here at the house. I was quickly reminded how much smoke bothers your eyes and nostrils. Where the smoke blows the people quickly move away because no one likes to have smoke blowing in their face. I read in Isaiah this morning about what God thinks about those who have a holier than thou attitude. He said they are a “smoke in my nose” (Isaiah 65:5). The Lord wants us to walk in holiness but He does not want us to think that we are better than everybody else. We must learn as Christians to walk in the ways of our Lord but not be self-righteous. We will never be a positive influence on others with a “holier than thou” persona. Others will treat us the same way they treat the smoke blowing off the campfire. They will move in the opposite direction and seek to get away from us. We should seek to have some holy, fiery zeal for the holiness of our God but not blow a bunch of smoke in order to show off. A fire can be a very cozy and comfortable thing to gather around as it yields warmth on a cool evening. Let us have a holy warmth with love and compassion and not seek to make others turn their head because our attitude stinks. What a turn off toward Christianity this is! Let us not be smoke in God’s nose.