The Lifter Up of Mine Head


I have loved for years the change that you see happens to David in Psalms chapter three. He starts off talking about how that there were many that had risen up against him. These people that had risen up against him shouted out to him that God would not help him. Have you ever felt like that? Maybe it wasn’t people saying that to you but you felt like you were surrounded by trouble on every side and each trouble shouted out defeat and despair. David was a man after God’s own heart but yet he faced the emotions that we face today. We face our own troubles and they discourage us and cause us to despair. Something wonderful happens next in David. We find him looking to the Lord and calling out to Him in prayer and declaring God to be his shield, his glory and the lifter up of his head. We see him restfully sleeping and trusting in his God to care for his soul. Then he says, “I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people, that have set themselves against me round about.” What a change prayer and trusting the Lord made in David! He goes from talking about how many people there were that gave him trouble, to I won’t be afraid of ten thousands of people. Maybe you face your own kind of troubles today, as you look around you see them on every side. I encourage you to look to the Lord and know that He can and will be your shield if you call out to Him. Then, like David, you will be able to be at peace, lift up your head and say “I will not be afraid.”