The Lord Heard the Voice of Elijah


Elijah was told of the Lord to go to Zarephath, which was about 100 miles away, because the Lord had a widow woman there that was going to provide for Elijah. Now, this would have been a humbling adventure seeing that it was a poor widow woman with a young son and it was also in the middle of a terrible drought. The Lord very graciously provides for Elijah, the widow woman and her son. During Elijah’s stay the woman’s son dies. Elijah takes the young boy into his room and prays fervently for God to allow the soul of the child to come into him again. After Elijah prayed the Word of God says, “And the LORD heard the voice of Elijah; and the soul of the child came into him again, and he revived” (I Kings 17:22). The point of this devotion is that, first of all, Elijah had to be willing to go where God would want him to go. Elijah first listened to God and obeyed Him then we see the Lord listening to the prayers of Elijah. Often, we want God to listen to our prayers but we don’t want to listen to the Word of God. When the Word of the Lord came to Elijah, he obeyed the Lord even though it was going to cost him much pride. Often times we want God to use us and to hear our prayers but we won’t humble ourselves in His sight and obey His word. Do you want God to hear your voice? Then make sure you are listening to His in the Word of God.