The Preeminence of Christ

The Greek word translated preeminence is only found one time in the King James Bible. It’s located in Colossians 1:18 and says, “He (Christ) is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things He (Christ) might have the preeminence.” That word means to be first in rank and influence. This means that Christ is to be first in all of our decisions and that He is to be the greatest personal influence over us. To the Christian, Christ is first and is to be their all in all. What I want you to take notice of though, that in the context which you find this teaching of Christ having preeminence, you also see that He is called the head of the body, the church. The church is not only called the body of Christ in scripture but is also called the bride. The thought that I want to give you is that you cannot divorce your relationship with Christ from your relationship to His church. If we mistreat or seek to hurt the church then we are not just hurting the members but we are seeking to hurt Christ as well. If someone would seek to bring harm to your spouse then you would take that very personal, we can only expect Christ to feel the same way. If someone wanted to have a close relationship with you but didn’t like your spouse and spoke about them behind their back then you would know that you could not be close to that person. Likewise, if we seek to bring harm to the Lord’s bride then there is no way we can be close to Him. As members of one of the Lord’s churches we need to seek to put the Lord’s church first. Seeing that Christ is the head of the Church, when we are faithful to the services, faithful to care for members of the body then we are in essence putting Christ first. When someone acts in kindness to your spouse then you consider that as an act of kindness to yourself. Know that when you look at the relationship you have with your church in regard to how important it is to you and how you treat it that you also see how high in rank and influence Christ is in your life. Whatever we put above the Lord’s church we are also putting above Christ because the Church is His body and His bride.