The Right Bait


When Jesus called His disciples out He told them that they would become “fishers of men.” My father raised me to enjoy fishing. I remember fishing with my father when I was just a little guy. Today, I still enjoy fishing. As a preacher of the gospel I have learned about some similarities between fishing for men and fishing for fish. I really enjoy fishing for all kinds of different fish. If you were to look in my tackle box you would find bait and tackle to catch bluegill, crappie, largemouth, smallmouth, walleye, catfish and others. The reason you find so many different types of bait is because it takes different baits for different fish. What type of bait do we use to catch men? We are to use the gospel net to catch those who would be saved. You see, I am looking for a very specific type of person, this will require a very specific type of bait. If I want to catch a man that is looking for the truth then I must fish with the truth. Sometimes when I go fishing and I am not catching anything¬†I will tie on any kind of bait just to catch any kind of a fish. We must not do this when it comes to fishing for men! We must use the right bait if we want to catch the one God has for us to reach. I must keep preaching the gospel whether I’m getting any bites or not. I must not change the bait. I must keep casting the truth and pray that God opens the heart of some lost soul to receive it.