What’s Right is Right


The Word of God teaches us not to be a respector of persons. Does this mean that we are not to respect people? No, of course not. When you look at the various times this is mentioned in the Bible it’s very easy to see what God is teaching us. He’s teaching us that what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong no matter who it is that has done it. God’s standard of right is not altered or influenced by fame or fortune. Often times though, we see much injustice in regard to this. We see people who may have fame and fortune “get by” with things that other people would not be able to get by with. Even if people seem to “get by” with things down here and the law does not hold them accountable, we can be certain that they don’t “get by” with it before God. God does not judge right and wrong by our worldly status. There is another thing to consider in this truth as well. Sometimes, people who are poor think they ¬†should be able to “get by” with certain crimes. They somehow began to think that being poor makes them less accountable. ¬†Know this today…God is no respector of persons. What’s right is right and it won’t matter on the day of judgment who you are, what title you had on earth, how much money you had, or where you lived. God will judge with righteousness. Therefore, no matter who you are, you need Jesus Christ because all have sinned and come short of God’s glory.